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A Gilman Whiteboard Video Advertising “CUSTOM WHITEBOARD VIDEO” is a hand crafted video, created by our professional script writer, cartoonists, voice over artist(s), and video editor.

Gilman Whiteboard Video Advertising (aka GWVA/We/Us/Our) agrees to create one custom (black and white, GWVA supplied, images) whiteboard video for  (aka Client/You/Your/They) on placement of an order and payment as outlined in this Agreement.

Script :

We will work with the Client to write the script based on the information, materials, and input that the Client provides. A draft script is then delivered, and Client will provide any feedback for changes to Us, who will then edit the script, until both parties are happy to proceed to drawing. Any changes, by Client, required after this sign off point will incur additional charges. Communication may be by phone, but all changes must be documented and sent via each other’s Official email address with a return confirmation of agreement by both Client and GWVA of exact change(s) to be valid. Delay by Client to respond to communications within one day will extend the agreement deadline one day.

· Video will be under two and a half minutes in length. Any longer extra charges apply, please see our website PRICING page for rates.
· Our Professional In-house Voice Over will be provided, as well as licensed background music.
· Client will then have two revisions on the video, if necessary, and provide feedback. Modifications after Video is completed is considered another video at the rate listed on our website, or a quoted rate from us.
· We will then begin producing and provide the new video for final review.

Voiceover :

Our professional voice over artist will create an audio file for the video.
his agreement quote is based on using our in-house voiceover artist. If a different voice is required, Client will supply a mastered MP3. A charge of $100.00 will apply using Client Supplied MP3 file. Any editing to this file, by us, will be an additional minimum $100.00.

Usage Rights:

Gilman Whiteboard Video Advertising retains full copyright of the video files in perpetuity.

Once full and final payment has successfully cleared to GWVA, the Client will inherit full usage rights to the final MP4 video file, via DROPBOX and Interactive Video Links via email, upon video completion. However, the Client does not acquire any rights to any of the characters or GWVA assets contained within or used to create the video file, links, or any resell rights. This is a standard License Usage agreement on all our videos. All assets Client supplies and provides for the video: Photos; Pictures; Logos - will remain property of Client and used only in their video.

When Client commissions further work, characters used in the previous video can be requested. The Client can at any time request the negotiation of additional resell rights.

Gilman Whiteboard Video Advertising
retains full rights to reuse any of the GWVA provided images and music assets used in the creation of the video.

Additional Special BONUS Feature:

Clients’ video can include a “Hot Spot” CALL TO ACTION Redirect Interactive Marketing Icon placed near the end. This will be a red icon showing a phone. A Website Icon and Facebook Icon can also be placed, near the end. This icon will have a listing of the Clients provided business phone embedded inside to enable the mobile device user to directly call the Client. Viewer/users will need to make this call using their own working mobile device. A Computer not connected to the internet will not work to call Clients business using this icon. The function of the icon is cloud hosted and is licensed to GWVA. There can be three links for this interactive video. 1) a link to place in a browser or within an email; 2) an embed code for website use; 3) a link for Facebook use. 

Marketing :

Gilman Whiteboard Video Advertising reserves the right to use the Client video for marketing purposes, including directing GWVA’s potential clients to Clients website, unless specifically requested not to by the Client. Client understands and agrees that they are responsible for all marketing efforts and success, or lack of, concerning the usage and application of the completed video. We strongly recommend using the video on Clients’ front page Website - on Social Media: Facebook - within Business Email Signatures & Mobile Device Texts - to gain maximum exposure.

Schedule of Services :

The normal commission includes:

· creation of informational bullet points provided by Client,
· conversion of the bullet points to a script,
· creation and recording of the cartoons,
· creation of voice over files,
·     video editing,
·     video production,
·     distribution of MP4 file and Links to Client,
· publishing the video to a public video site (ie. YouTube)

Video completion will be set by the current GWVA production work schedule, and communicated to the Client. Client videos are produced in the order they are taken by GWVA and paid for.  Typically, videos are completed within ten business days after each final script is approved by Client. Any change to video during that time, requested by Client, will extend video completion deadline per instance by two business days.

Financial Agreement:

Client will make payment within two business days of placing their order with GWVA. GWVA will provide receipt of successful acceptance to GWVA financial account(s) upon confirmation.

Payment shall be by Business Check made out to: Gilman Whiteboard Video Advertising
                                            or BEST...
Paypal - Please contact us for our Paypal payment email address.

Please contact us for other additional information, such as our “MONTHLY SPECIALS”. We need to know the type business or service you do, and well as other important information that will help shape and create your video.

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