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SHIPPING  POLICY (Order Fulfillment)

This website is owned and controlled by Gilman Whiteboard Video Advertising. .

Order Fulfillment Processing time is by agreement and payment.  Please remember that this is not a guarantee. Orders that say "Ships in one week." are not always able to do so. Delays in weather, etc. may make shipping time longer than this window. Shipped in one week. also refers to being shipped from the day the order has been processed. You will receive an email to the email address you provided that will tell you when the order has been processed

The PRODUCTS and or SERVICES that Gilman Whiteboard Video Advertising create may be largely DIGITAL and may be provided to the Client by various means such as DROPBOX; email; link;embed code; or others. We try our best to find the quickest method available to get the purchased item(s) to our valued client(s). Physical products may be shipped through the United States Postal Service and will be paid for, in advance, by the client prior to shipment. Our SHIPPING ADDRESS, to and from (and for correspondence), is located at the bottom of this page.

You will be notified by the email address that you provided when your order(s) has been processed. Please make sure that the email address is correct or the notifications may not make it to you.

We encourage you to order in a timely fashion to avoid delays around Holidays and in the event of a Huge Sale.

See our SUPPORT DESK for any questions.