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Order Policy

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Order Processing Procedure
Receiving the Order
The customerís order can be received by electronic or written means. Customer is responsible to provide accurate and complete
information for their order in a timely manner, otherwise unforeseen delay time may occur that will impact our processing and any delivery
time and/or agreement.
In the event that a customer's order must be taken verbally, the Multimedia Director will record all details of the order. These details will be
sent to the customer with the acknowledgment as called for in the 'Acknowledgment of Order' section in this document.
Verifying the Order
The Account Manager will verify the sales order.
The order is checked against the quote in the customerís file.
The price is verified with the quoted price.
The product number is verified with the quoted product number
Acknowledgment of Order
Once price and product are verified, the Account Manager will send a written or electronic correspondence to the customer to acknowledge
that the order has been received. Customer MUST proof read and agree to the ORDER, then reply back to us by written or electronic
correspondence to our Multimedia Director prior to any work to begin.
The acknowledgment is attached to the original Sales Order and placed in the open orders file under the customer's name.
Generating the Order Documents
The Account Manager or their delegate will enter the order information into the order processing program within two business days This
program will generate a work order, bill of materials, customer order form and production counting sheet.
The Sales Order, Acknowledgment of Order, and the Work Order are placed in the open orders file under the customer's name.
The Customer Order Form is distributed to the Shipping department.
The Bill of Materials is reviewed to determine if the materials that are required for the order are available, or will be available by the time
production begins.
If necessary, the Purchasing department will order all necessary materials for the order.

Process Manager Reviews and Schedules the Work Order
The Process Manager receives a copy of the Work Order for review and scheduling.
Production of the Order
The Work Order, the SOP, and the Production Counting sheet will be put out on the press at the time of production.
The Process Manager produce the product according to the schedule established by the Multimedia Director.
Once the job is completed, the Work Order will be given to the Multimedia Director. The completed order will be attached to the other order
documents in the open orders file.
The SOP will be collected by the QC Inspector and destroyed in order to prevent an older version of the SOP to be in existence.
Shipping the Order
The finished product is shipped to the customer according to the requirements of the Sales Order.
The Shipping or Order Fulfillment department's copy of the Customer Order Form is updated with the shipment.
When the order has been completed, the Customer Order Form will also be given to the Billing department.
Receipt of Payment
Payments are received from the customer at the time the Order is taken. Electronic Payment is normally required but in the event a
customer must pay by check, the actual Order will start after the check has been processed and cleared through our bank. Our address may
be found under the SHIPPING section of this website.
Records of the Sales Order
Once the order is complete, the Sales Order, Acknowledgment of Order, Customer Order Form and the Work Order are collected and
placed in the closed orders file under the customer's name.
Copies of Payment records may also be kept in separate files.
Records of Sales Order and the documentation associated with them are kept on file for 7 years.

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