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Video Pricing
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What IS the Pricing? Simple Answer: It will depend upon your project.

It's not just about pricing and a cost...
It's REALLY an INVESTMENT you are making for your business or service.

What would be the ROI or Return On Investment to your business?
It depends on YOUR business/service.

As a business owner, you know what your clients pay to you and what your profit margin is from that transaction. If you sell widgets individually for $1.00 each, that ROI may take a while. Likewise, if you get clients from a video and your service is $100.00 it won't take
many for your ROI. Some of you might make that ROI in only one or two transactions!
After that it's gravy. Your video could keep working to attract new business for years,
or until you take it down.

           We design our videos to use a principle called the Emotional Selling Proposition (ESP).
You can take any emotionally based situation: concern, worry, depression, fatigue,
                exhaustion, despair basically any that leads to a person feeling down and use this
                drawings to show that experience. But wait, you might be thinking, yes but
                       I operate in the B2B marketplace, emotions dont apply to OUR marketing.
                    Let me ask you a simple question. How many companies buy products and services?
                   You might answer millions and millions. NOPE! Zero!
                     There is not a single company on this planet that has EVER bought a thing!
                  Only People buy stuff! Most of the time you will be dealing with one person, and their
                  has their own particular needs. Your marketing video has to be directed at that person
                                       and their immediate problem. What we do is Attract attention

Describe a situation
                                              ● Look for the emotional pain in that situation
                                              ● Agitate that pain
                                              ● Offer a solution
                                              ● Then ask your prospect to take action

                                                                  In 3 words
                                              ● Pain
                                              ● Solution
                                              ● Action
                           How does your prospect feel when you tell them the solution happy?
                                                            Like the image below?  

We have many Video Templates on our site.
Many can just be branded with the information about your business or service -
and these can be as low as $400.00 - just look in our Video Directory
and find one that you like, write the name down and ask us what the cost is to BRAND it for your business/service.
(we have a form on every page so you can send us that information and we'll get back to you
usually within 24hrs). Don't worry, we don't pressure you or sell/share any info to ANYONE.
We value you & want you to refer us, not be mad!

CUSTOM VIDEOS - $1,500.00 up to 2.5 Minutes in BLACK & WHITE 

This is where we work with you to bring out the emotions of your prospects for your particular niche.
Again the investment will depend upon the complexity. We are extremely reasonable. We can always refer you to our competitors so you can pay up to $25k for a video. And there are people who do.
Maybe you would like 2 or 3 videos - we LOVE to bundle - so you can expect that will
be something hard for you to refuse. Ps... Look for our Monthly Special link on our front page!

So... Lets find out what type of whiteboard or explainer video will work for getting
your business attention...

Give Jim a call now at (805) 908-9587
And what are the 3 little words that you NEED those viewers to say to themselves - right away - that are guaranteed to get their attention to your message?

"Hey - that's ME...!"

If people can see themselves, and can identify with your message about how they are feeling right now, then you will keep that initial attention as you give your message and hold them all through it.
You have been building TRUST, because they feel you "GET THEM".
That's what can separate YOU from your competition.
  Everyone buys or selects services based on emotion - your clients do, you do, and so do we.
You can see this formula explained in our video on the first page.

Then there are


These videos are used to explain a service or product or even for Training. You've seen them all over; we use Whiteboard and or Kinetic styles to accomplish these...

Have a question? It's EASY to CONTACT US, so go ahead...!
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